About us

Carnation is a dance company founded in 2009 by Iro Apostolelli and Agni Papadeli Rossetou and was active until 2014. During this period they have created together three dance pieces: Indirect speech (2014), Actual wording (2012) and Was it me? (2010). Since then Iro Apostolelli has created the trio Umbilicus (4th Young Choreographers Festival at Onasis Cultural Centre 2017). Agni Papadeli Rossetou has choreographed the solo Blossom ( Athens Festival 2015), the trio Look & the Beast (Μir festival 2016) and the quintet Rooms based on an idea that they shared with Iro Apostolelli (Athens Festival 2018).

Iro and Agni studied together at the State School of Dance between 2000-2003. They also spent a few years in Brussels where they met and worked with notable teachers and artists. When they both returned to Greece they decided to collaborate and they began working on their first project, Was it me? Their work focuses on the body and its movement across space and time. They are interested in creative methods which limit personal desire and use the body as a tool, obeying rules while functioning consciously.

Iro Apostolelli was born in Athens in 1980. She is a dancer as well as a practitioner of alternative medicine.She graduated from the State School of Dance in Athens in 2003. She has attended numerous workshops led by Julyen Hamilton, Chrysha Parkinson, Frans Poelstra, Kirstie Simson, Mark Tompkins and David Zambrano.Since 2008, she has studied Shiatsu, Rejuvance and Acupuncture at Oriental Medicine and Shiatsu Training Centre in Athens. She has participated in Dance Festivals collaborating with friends, with whom she shares a common vision for the art of dance. She has been a member with Agni Papadeli Rossetou of Carnation dance company (2009- 2014). In 2017 she choreographed the trio Umbilicus (4th Young Choreographers Festival at Onasis Cultural Centre). In 2018 she danced for Agni’s Papadeli Rossetou choreography, Rooms ( Athens Festival).
Agni Papadeli Rossetou is a dancer and choreographer, based in Athens. She has graduated from the State school of dance, as well as the department of Theater studies of the University of Athens. As a performer she has collaborated with Dimitris Papaioannou, Kendell Geers, Yiannis Skourletis/Bijoux de Kant, Ermira Goro, Matthias Fritsch, Jeroen Bogaert, Stefania Milona, Chrysanthi Siemou, Konstantina Polichronopoulou etc. She has also collaborated as a choreographer with theatrical directors such as Nikaiti Kontouri, Thanassis Chalkias, Dimitris Pleionis, Yiannis Karachisaridis, etc. From 2009 to 2014, she worked with the dancer and choreographer Iro Apostolelli, under the company named ‘Carnation’, with whom they co-created the pieces Indirect speech (2014), Actual wording (2012) and Was it me? (2010). As a choreographer she has created three pieces, her solo Blossom for Athens festival 2015, the trio Look & the Beast for MIR festival, which was presented in Spiteri’s House in Athens, designed by the architect Aristomenis Proveleggios, and finally Rooms, a sextet for five female dancers and a pianist, for Athens festival 2015. Rooms was based on an idea they shared with Iro Apostolelli and was supported by the Ministry of Culture of Greece. In April 2017 she also choreographed the piece Small Songs for six students of the professional dance school ‘Aktina’ in Athens. Agni practices Ashtangavinyasa yoga since 2008, under the guidance of her teacher Eleftheria Lagoudaki, in whose studio she teaches since 2013.